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Josue (Josh) Alfaro is a drummer/multi-instrumentalist from Sao Paulo, Brazil. Josh was introduced to music at the age of six through his father, a Pastor and music director at his church. At the age of eight, he discovered his passion for the drums, and began performing. Although drums remain his main instrument, he also plays bass, keys, guitar and sings.

Josh is a passionate performer with a keen ear for improvisation and arrangement. He is known as one of the best “Brazilian Drummers” in town. Some of his credits include Ticket to Brazil, Viva Brazil, Wayne McFarland Band, Elliott and The Sensitive Fellas, Step Rockets, and Belladiva.

In his spare time he teaches music lessons and assists in producing various works of music. His goal is to explore culture through music and share that passion with the audience in every performance.


Role in Belladiva: Drummer

Favorite Band or Singer: Dave Matthews Band, Ray Lamontagne and Adele

Favorite Belladiva Moment: Legendary private event in Duluth (May 2013) when David Eiland and John Pinkaers proceeded to have a dance off on stage.

Wow Fact About You: I am from Brazil and I can play multiple instruments.

Career Highlight: Being able to establish myself as a young working Brazilian musician in the US, learning to play American music from some of the best around.


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