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  • Press Release – Divas Entertainment
  • The Promise of a New Year
  • Fall Bella Buzz
  • Summer is here!
  • April Newsletter
  • America's Got Talent Audition
  • Belladiva was named "Best Entertainment"
  • New Years Eve Grand Casino Hinkley
  • Holly Ball
  • Santa Bash
  • Ultimate Pajama Party
  • Clay County Fair
  • Moondance Jam
  • Carlson Companies
  • Best Buy

Press Release – Divas Entertainment

Belladiva with Joan Rivers

It is with great excitement and pride that we announce the launch of our new business and website, "Divas Entertainment". The launch of the new website is part of the organization's efforts to enhance the quality and availability of entertainment we have to offer. Within the website you experience the energy and excitement in which we operate. Each page provides colorful and vibrant photos and videos of some of the best work we have to offer, from live bands, to tribute shows, as well as creating, formulating, and producing new show concepts upon request.

But we don't create hype, we create magic. At Divas Entertainment, we are highly committed in giving you the best entertainment we have to offer and will work steadfastly to give you an experience that will be nothing less than well polished, top of the line, first class entertainment.

The Promise of a New Year

Belladiva with Joan Rivers

The promise of a new year . . . how exciting to think of all the new opportunities and possibilities that are coming our way. We wrapped up 2013 with a bang and then some! It was Belladiva's best year yet and we are thrilled to see that each year keeps getting better!

As I write this, I am working out of my "office"… poolside in West Palm Beach! We are in the middle of our debut run of "Divas on Broadway" at the South Florida Fair, and we are having a blast with the new show! It is so fun and rewarding to have a new production come to fruition. We started rehearsals in October and worked right up until the day before we departed for Florida. And here we are . . . a brand new show complete with 6 costume changes, all new music, new choreography and an awesome feeling of accomplishment!

In the upcoming year you can expect to see more new show concepts, updated set lists, killer costumes and choreography, and even some new faces on the front line! That's right, we are keeping it fresh as we keep on growing. We will also be expanding our production company Hey Sugar Productions which produces all of these awesome and amazing shows. So look for an updated website coming soon.

In the meantime, all of us at Belladiva wish you a happy and prosperous new year. We are giddy with excitement for what the future brings as we look forward to fabulous 2014. We hope to see you out at a show soon. Cheers!

Fall Bella Buzz

Belladiva with Joan Rivers

Life is good. Really good! How can it not be when you are living your dream!

What a great start to the fall it has been. The Divas hit the Georgia National Fair in Perry, Georgia this October and we had a ball! We performed 28 shows in 11 days. We debuted our country inspired track show "Coyote Wild" at the fair which went over like gang busters, featuring great songs by some of the best female country singers of all time.

Not only did we have a blast performing at the fair, but we were amazed by the incredible southern hospitality this state has to offer. The weather was great, we all indulged in awesome fair food, and were able to meet some great fellow performers along the way.

Coming up this fall, we are really looking forward to the many great shows we have ahead of us including the Ordway Circle of the Stars Gala, the annual Bullfrog Bash, several fundraisers, and the Divas showcasing at both the Rocky Mountain Fair/Festival Convention in Casper, Wyoming, and the North/South Dakota Fair/Festival Convention in Aberdeen South Dakota.

In addition to a busy fall schedule, the Divas track show is heading back to the South Florida Fair in West Palm Beach, Florida in January of 2014 and rehearsals will be in full swing! We are in the midst of creating a brand new show – "Divas Through the Decades – A Tribute to Broadway." And we can not wait.

So yes, life is good, we are living our dream, and even more importantly, we get to share that dream with all of you. Thank-you for being our friends, our fans, and our family. Without the gift of sharing our talents, it would mean nothing. We are so honored and blessed to share the gift of music, and we look forward to many, many more years of sharing to come.

Summer is here and the heat is on!

Belladiva with Joan Rivers

The Divas took on Las Vegas this past May when they had the opportunity to open for Joan Rivers for a full 3 day weekend! The shows took place in the Venetian Show room on Thursday, May 30-Saturday June 1. Each night the girls opened the show with a 25 minute set to a packed show room! The energy was electric, the crowd was pumped, and the Divas were ready to give it their best! This is definitely the career high point for the Divas! Each night before and after the girls took the stage, they were able to talk to Joan and get to know her a little better. She is an absolute warm, loving, and kind person. She took the girls under her wing, gave them great advice and asked them back for more shows in the future! "We are all still on such a high from such an incredible weekend." The cream certainly rises to the top and today at 80 years old, Joan Rivers is at the top of her game! And we are blessed to be a part of it!

In other news, Belladiva is looking forward to a great summer ahead with shows all over the Midwest for fairs, festivals, corporate events, and several weddings. In August, the Divas will head to the Missouri State Fair for a 5 day run, then head home to perform in their back yard at the Minnesota State Fair, the MN Vikings, and several other great outdoor venues. Be sure to check out our calendar and catch a show soon! We look forward to seeing you all out and about during the best season of the year!

April Newsletter

Belladiva and Joan Rivers

Belladiva is thrilled to announce the launch of their first Quarterly Newsletter, "The Bella Buzz"!

The past year has been so incredible and exciting for us. We have been blessed and honored to be working with some really great clients as we have traveled and performed around the country, and we want to share this with all of you, our fans and friends. This will be our way of keeping you updated on what we have been doing, and to let you know what is next on the horizon!

In 2012, our "Divas Through the Decades" show travelled all over the US. Some of our favorite shows included performances at the South Florida Fair, the South Carolina State Fair, the Georgia National Fair, and the Porter County Fair in Indiana. In addition to playing some great fairs and festivals, we also performed at the MN Vikings Home opener, at some of the Twin Cities greatest weddings, at tons of great corporate events, and our country band, "Coyote Wild", opened for Sawyer Brown!

2013 came in with a bang as well. In the first quarter alone, we were fortunate to partner with The Ultimate Pajama Party, performing as part of the show in its month-long run at The Lab Theater. We were also thrilled to be a part of the Twin Cities Auto show; in February, two of our singers traveled to St Kitts in the West Indies to impersonate Lady Gaga, Madonna, and Marilyn Monroe; and, the most exciting event to date in March of this year, we opened for the Legendary Joan Rivers at Mystic Lake.

Another memorable event this year was the opportunity to be part of the Lillehei Heart Institute's fundraiser, "The Red Hot Soiree". In addition to having our awesome six-piece band and four vocalists, we had four dancers on stage with us, complete with a multitude of costume changes. We performed for over 800 people, closing the evening with a Michael Jackson Tribute show. It was such an incredible night that I have to close with our client's reaction:

"WOW! That was the comment that we heard all night long! Belladiva was fabulous! High energy, great sound, stellar costumes. Did I mention high energy?! Tons of fun!"
"Belladiva had the place rockin' from the first note and kept everyone going until the very final song. We loved the use of the dancers and the MJ set in the break was wonderfully unique!"
"You exceeded our expectations and we cannot thank you enough for making our event electric and memorable!"

Nothing makes me happier than this kind of response and, in the next quarter, we look forward to working with some new clients, some old (as in previous….) clients, to making many new friends and, most importantly, to creating more memories for all involved! Thank you so much for all you have done to support us this past year. We look forward to seeing you again soon.

America's Got Talent Audition

Belladiva Singers Audition for America's Got Talent

America's Got Talent flies the singers of Belladiva out to Hollywood!!! Does it get any better than this? The ladies flew out to Hollywood in May to audition live for the judges of AGT - David Hasslehoff, Sharon Osborne, and Piers Morgan as well as a live audience of close to 3000 people! As the ladies walked out on the stage, the audience was wowed!!! Although they only had 90 seconds to showcase their talents, they sang and danced their hearts out to " I'm A Woman". And while they didn't make the next cut, the exposure and experience was amazing and life changing!!!

Minnesota Meetings and Events Best of Awards 2008

Belladiva was named “Best Entertainment” by the readers of Minnesota Meetings and Events magazine at the Reader’s Choice Awards Gala, which honors the industries “crème de la crème” of venues, attractions, and suppliers. The awards were presented on Thursday February 26th, 2009 at The Hotel Minneapolis.

This is the first time Belladiva has won the award in the 7 years the awards have been taking place. "This is so exciting! I am truly honored and thrilled, to be recognized by our peers, clients, and partners in the industry. This award is a true testament to the hard work each and every band member has put in through the organization’s 6 years," says band leader Lisa Marie Furth.

New Years Eve at Grand Casino

When it comes to throwing a party Grand Casino Hinkley does it right! Not only do they treat their guests right, they treated the band like royalty! The casino went all out months before the big night and the band found themselves being advertised on 3 major radio stations, on full-page ads in the major newspapers, and even on billboards! In fact, one of our fans said they saw a huge picture of us on a semi truck!! Now that’s when you know you made it!

To start the evening, Belladiva played to over 1500 of the casino’s “high rollers” for the dinner show. After dessert was served, the guests left the ballroom to “hit the slots” while the staff broke down the tables and set up the dance floor. Once the doors reopened, Belladiva took to the stage and rang in the New Year to a rip-roaring crowd!

Holly Ball

Belladiva returns for a second year in a row to the infamous Holly Ball in St Cloud held at the St Cloud Convention Center. What a set up this is! The client wanted non - stop music so they hired 2 bands to play all night long. Belladiva was joined by the George Maurer group alternating sets the whole night long. While George’s group played the classic rock hits, Belladiva played everything from Disco, Motown, R&B, and country. Between the 2 bands, the dance floor was never once empty and a great time was had by all! Winning over one client at a time!

Santa Bash

Belladiva rocks the room once again as they played for close to 700 guests at the annual “Santa Bash”. This was the band’s 5th year playing for this crowd, and this was the event that truly launched the band to become known as the Twin Cities hottest show band! With 4 divas singing on the front line, the energy was out of control and another Santa Bash went down as the “best ever”!

Ultimate Pajama Party

The first annual "Ultimate Pajama Party" sponsored by Diva MN was huge success! Lori and Julia from FM 107.1 were the hosts of this great event along with Mrs. MN 2008, Wendi Russo. As the theme was set, over 300 women proudly showed up in their best PJ’s. The evening started out with a VIP hour including a meet and greet with Lori and Julia while enjoying spa services such as brow waxing, mini manicures and pedicures. Guests sipped on champagne and munched on butler passed desserts while shopping throughout the hotel’s ballroom filled with vendors from every hip boutique in the city. Hey Sugar Productions started off the entertainment providing 6 dancers performing to such hits as “When I Grow Up” by the Pussy Cat Dolls, “Mercy” by Duffy, and “All That Jazz”. Girlfriends were working it!

Once Belladiva took the stage, it took no more than 1song to get everyone on their feet! The highlight had to have been when Belladiva performed “We Got The Beat” and every woman in the place danced and sang along at the top of their lungs! Their true “go-go” was unleashed. The dance floor was packed and no one left until the band had finished their last set. Mission accomplished.

Clay County Fair

Belladiva debuts their track show, "Divas Through The Decades". Wow is all we can say….. Spencer Iowa has the nicest most gracious people we have ever met! Lisa Marie, Lisa, and Jenny made their way at 4:00 in the morning one September day headed towards Iowa not knowing what they were in for. We performed 3 30-minute shows a day starting at 11:00 am. “This is too early to be a diva”, joked Lisa Marie. However once they took the stage, they were overwhelmed by the energy of the audience. They made the gig! We just got up on stage and people started clapping, they were so appreciative. All we can say is Spencer Iowa rocks!

Moondance Jam

Belladiva opens for Kansas, one of the leading rock bands of the 70’s and 80’s – does it get any better than this?? The band made their way up to Walker MN for the 4-day festival. The first night of the festival they played in the Saloon in between the main stage acts, Loverboy and Def Leopard. While the main stage was tearing down and setting up the next band, thousands of the fans would head over to the Saloon to watch the regional acts. "We had to have played to close to 10,000 people, it was absolutely incredible! I don’t think I have ever danced so hard in my life," said the girls. The second day of the festival, Belladiva took the main stage at 3:00 PM to open for Kansas. Again, the girls are all thinking “pretty darn early to be a diva” but once we started we rose to the occasion! At one point we looked up to see some of the members of Kansas watching us. We were on fire! The blonde hair was flipping everywhere. My neck will never be the same…

Carlson Companies

Belladiva shares the stage with Cathy Rigby!!! The girls, Lisa Marie, Lisa, and Jenny along with 3 of the Twin Cities most established male vocalists, join forces to “back-up” Cathy Rigby in a rein action of Peter Pan. The theme is “I’ll Never Grow Up” embracing your true inner child… Cathy walks into rehearsal as if she is ten feet tall, filled with confidence although she is 4’9. She was a true pro, and filled with nothing but kindness and graciousness, and yet performed with the strength of a Ninja! In true diva fashion…

Best Buy

Belladiva opens for Melissa Ethridge – and can we say, "She just rocks!" In the midst of their first year, Belladiva lays it down for the Minneapolis launch of WOLF founded and created by Julie Gilbert of Best Buy. Performing at the State Theater in downtown Minneapolis, to a packed theater, Belladiva warms up the crowd. Every woman in the house was on their feet with toes tapping and hands clapping. Melissa came out 30 minutes later and spoke to the crowd about her survival with breast cancer and played acoustic guitar. We sat and watched back stage in total awe. Not bad in their first year…